Hiking the California Coastal Trail,
Two Volume Set

The Guide to Walking the Golden State's Beaches and Bluffs from Border to Border

by Bob Lorentzen and Richard Nichols

Get both volumes covering the northern and southern halves of California's Coastal Trail, now an official state project, in a handsome gift set. Set includes the new Second Edition of Volume One: Oregon to Monterey with 2002 updates and additions to the trail as well as Volume Two: Monterey to Mexico. That's virtually all the information available on the CCT, the facts you need for many exciting and successful trips.

This remarkable two-part work covers 1200 miles of the CCT including 165 accessible trail sections, 18 sections ideal for backpacking, at Point Reyes, Lost Coast, Redwoods Parks, Big Sur, Point Sal and more. 122 original and accurate easy-to-read two-color maps, 110 State Parks and Beaches, 120 county and city parks and preserves, auto and walk-in campgrounds, lodgings and hostels en route, plus 64 fascinating feature articles on coastal attractions, history, and issues.

Each sale provides funds to help complete the CCT.

california coastal trail

The two books include 688 pages with two-color text and maps, 60 photographs, bibliographies, indexes. October 2002. Co-published by Bored Feet and Coastwalk.     $38.50
ISBN 0-939431-27-0

Please Note: The book Hiking the California Coastal Trail,Volume One: Oregon to Monterey is currently out of print. As of 2/11/15 we have no copies of Hiking the California Coastal Trail, Volume One in stock, and have no definite date for arrival of more.