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Bishop Area Rock Climbs
3rd Edition

Peter Croft and Marty Lewis
Bishop Area Rock Climbs, 3rd Edition by Peter Croft and Marty Lewis

This long-awaited new edition of the Climbing Guide to the Eastern Sierra — South covers climbs in and around Whitney Portal and the Alabama Hills near Lone Pine, and closer to Bishop, Cardinal Pinnacle, Buttermilk Country bouldering, Tablelands bouldering, Pine Creek Canyon and much more.

This excellent book  covers a lot of terrain, an area so vast and full of rock that, even now, new cliffs are still being discovered.

From the Introduction: "From the multi-pitch granite of the Wheeler Crest in the north to the even better granite of Whitney Portal seventy miles to the south, this area has much more to offer than just the volcanic sport climbing in the Owens Gorge and ass dragging sit starts at the Happy Boulders. The climbing season here is more than long — it's year round. Thanks in part to the crags and boulders being distributed over a wide elevation gradient — from 4,000 to 10,000 feet — and as well hunkering down in the mother of all rain shadows, perfect conditions can be found just about any time."

Includes information on camping, where to get food and other provisions, meals and more in and around Lone Pine, Big Pine and Bishop.

336 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", full-color cover, 86 black & white photographs, 67 maps, 226 route diagrams, resources directory, index of routes by rating, index of boulder problems by rating, bibliography, index. Published by Maximus Press. ISBN 978-0-9676116-9-3. trade paper

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