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Bees & Other Stinging Insects
Bee Aware and Bee Safe

Heidi Ratner-Connolly & Randy Connolly
Bees & Other Stinging Insects; Bee Aware and Bee Safe by Heidi Ratner-Connolly & Randy Connolly

More people die each year from the effects of insect venom than from either spider or snake bites. This book informs readers about the various kinds of insect stings and bites — how to avoid them and what to do if someone is attacked, especially if they have an allergic reaction. Includes loads of useful information including medical treatment options and traditional home and emergency remedies. Includes homeopathic remedies and treatment with common household products. Lots of useful information in this concise “10 things to know” guide.

2003, 100 pages, 4 1/4” x 6 3/4”, four-page insert of 18 color photographs and 1 other color illustration, bibliography. Published by 2Lakes Publishing.
ISBN 978-0-9722400-0-0 trade paper

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