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Aquatic Insects in Alaska

John Hudson, Kathy Hocker & Robert Armstrong
Aquatic Insects in Alaska by John Hudson, Kathy Hocker & Robert Armstrong

This comprehensive, lavishly illustrated guide covers all of Alaska's aquatic insects and reveals many fascinating facts about them. The book is organized in four sections.

Section One provides an overview of aquatic insect natural history — how they feed, grow, and survive the elements, and how they fit into the ecosystem. The second section contains descriptions of the various orders and families of Alaska aquatic insects to help familiarize readers with some of the important characteristics, behaviors and habits of these groups. The third section shows examples of other aquatics — organisms that are not insects, but that might be encountered in the same habitats. Section Four provides suggestions on how to find, catch, observe and photograph aquatic insects.

144 pages, 8.5" x 11", 294 color photographs, glossary, bibliography, index. Published by Nature Alaska.
ISBN 978-0-939431-38-0. trade paper

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