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From dragonflies

larry ulrich 10 mile dunes
From Beyond the Golden Gate
photo by Larry Ulrich
to fungi, from the Channel Islands to the vast Northern Wilderness, there's sure to be a nature or photography book from Bored Feet Press to stimulate your interest and help you explore the wonders of nature.

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Treasures from the Kingdom of Fungi

Photographs of Mushrooms and Other Fungi from around the World

by Taylor F. Lockwood

This gorgeous and unique addition to the literature on fungi could well be the book that brings mushrooms into the mainstream of nature appreciation. A feast for the eyes and mind, more than 270 spectacular color photos portray a wondrous array of mushrooms and other fungi from six continents.

Reefs And Rain Forests

The Natural Heritage of Malaysian Borneo

Text and photographs by Murray S. Kaufman

This magnificent book presents a graceful and poignant essay about, and spectacular color photographs of, the two most important and endangered ecosystems on earth, what Kaufman describes as “the last living Eden”. He shows us the powerful contrasts and similarities of these two unique environments in an intimate, cohesive and unprecedented way.

americas vanishing landscapes

America's Vanishing Landscapes–The Western States

Photography and text by Wayne Williams
Preface by Andy Lipkis

Heroic images in vivid color depict some of the greatest of the West's natural landscapes: mountains, rivers, deserts, forests, lakes and coastlines. Williams, a professional photographer with his own commercial studio for 20 years, has spent the last ten years exploring and shooting wilderness landscapes.

Visual Guide to Native and Naturalized Coastal County Plants from Santa Cruz to Mendocino

George Pikkarainen

This innovative guide, created for beginners and people unfamiliar with taxonomic language, uses thousands of small color photos and 52 icons along with brief text to clearly organize more than 520 species of plants—ferns, annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees—found in six coastal California counties.

Paddling the California Coast

A Quiet Water Guide to Paddler's Paradise

John Coale

Explore by kayak or canoe the magical and majestic aquatic environments tucked along California's vast coast. Coale's new book provides the information paddlers need to explore river mouths, bays, lagoons, tidal estuaries and marshes from the Oregon-California line to Big Sur.

Common Butterflies of California

by Bob Stewart

This beautiful, practical field guide differs from others on the subject because Stewart created it for people to identify butterflies in nature (most butterfly books show dead, preserved specimens). The author, a naturalist for 30 years, took remarkable, clear color photographs of butterflies and caterpillars in their natural habitats.

Butterflies of Arizona

A Photographic Guide

by Bob Stewart, Priscilla Brodkin and Hank Brodkin

Naturalist Stewart and friends follow up on his ground-breaking and highly successful Common Butterflies of California with an even more comprehensive guide to the abundant butterflies of the Southwest.

Common Dragonflies of California

A Beginner's Pocket Guide

by Kathy Biggs

This first and only dragonfly field guide for California and its neighboring states provides clear, concise identification information and stunningly clear color photos of 60 species of dragonflies and damselflies, plus full info for 17 similar species.

The Habitat Garden Book

Wildlife Landscaping for the San Francisco Bay Region

by Nancy Bauer

This delightful and concise book is a beginner's guide to creating backyard habitat for birds, buttertlies, beneficial insects, and other animals.

Wild Birds of California

by David Lukas

California is a great place for wild birds and the people who enjoy watching them! Over 600 bird species– about two-thirds of the birds found in North America—inhabit, migrate, or visit here. This lavishly photographed volume features usual and unusual birds in their wildland homes throughout California seashores, deserts, mountains, wetlands, foothills, valleys, and chaparral country.

Discover California Wildflowers

by Mary Ruth Casebeer.
Illustrations by Peggy Edwards-Carkeet

This concise yet detailed field guide by two California Native Plant Society members covers 48 widespread annual wildflowers in the order they bloom. It is presented in clear, readable style, simple enough for school-age plant enthusiasts and other lay people.

Beyond the Golden Gate

California's North Coast

Photography Larry Ulrich
Essay by Roy Parvin
Preface by Donna Bacon Ulrich

North of the Golden Gate Bridge the legendary coastal route Highway 1 veers left from suburbia to enter the unique world of California's North Coast. Ulrich's brilliant, evocative photos and Parvin's lively text inspires both visitors and residents to explore and seek out the spectacular scenery of the five coastal counties north of San Francisco.

Wildflowers of California

Photography by Larry Ulrich;
interpretive text by Susan Lamb

Ulrich presents a gorgeous array of images, from desert to seashore,interior valley to mountain meadow, showing the delicate beauty of Golden State wildflowers in their myriad forms.

Wildflowers of California
Postcard Book

Twenty gorgeous images from the award-winning book on ready-to-send postcards, plus a short introductory essay.

Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest

Photography by Larry Ulrich;
interpretive text by Susan Lamb

In the final book of his trilogy of bestselling coffee-table photo essays, Ulrich presents both the shy and the showy flora of the diverse habitats of Oregon, Washington and western Idaho.

Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest

Twenty Postcards

Photography by Larry Ulrich

A companion souvenir to the larger book.Twenty stunning images plus a short introductory essay.

Wildflowers of the Plateau and Canyon Country

Photography by Larry Ulrich;
interpretive text by Susan Lamb

Acclaimed nature photographer Ulrich's sequel to his best-selling Wildflowers of California, this coffee-table photographic essay presents his stunning color images of wildflowers in the American Southwest.

Wildflowers of the Plateau and Canyon Country

Postcard Book

Photography by Larry Ulrich

A companion souvenir to Wildflowers of the Plateau and Canyon Country. Twenty spectacular images from the book, plus a short introductory essay.

Mono Lake: Mirror of Imagination

by Dennis Flaherty;
introductory essay by Mark A. Schlenz

This fine photographic essay portrays in colorful grandeur eastern California 's unique inland sea, now protected as a National Scenic Area, and the gorgeous Sierra landscape that overlooks it.

Mono Lake: Postcard Book

by Dennis Flaherty

Twenty great images by Dennis Flaherty of this mysterious inland sea, plus a short introductory essay.

Channel Islands National Park

A Photographic Interpretation

Photography by Tim Hauf;
text by Cynthia Andersen

The most complete photographic record of the five Channel Islands of California's least visited national park. Hauf's sparkling images capture rich flora, fauna, cultural sites and landscapes of this offshore wonderland.

Artist's Choice
rod dresser photograph

The Photographs of Rod Dresser

Photographs and text by Rod Dresser
Introduction by Dale Stulz

Rod Dresser, a leading California photographer and one of Ansel Adams' last students, is acclaimed for the remarkable quality of his prints and for his perceptive and popular workshops. For this volume, he has selected 23 eloquent photographs--a diverse range of landscape, architectural, still life and figure studies.

Little Trees, Big Sky

Portrait of a Northern Wilderness

Photography by Tim Hauf;
text by Conger Beasley Jr.

This fine visual portrait of a little-known wild place lingers in memory with striking images of rugged beauty. Hauf made many trips into this daunting wilderness, capturing powerful images that evoke North America's far northern reaches.

Death Valley National Park

A Photographic Journey

by Fred & Randi Hirschmann

In this eye-catching book, 106 color photographs celebrate much loved desert scenes as well as newly protected areas in this historic California park, now the largest national park in the United States outside of Alaska.

Death Valley

Postcard Book

Twenty striking images of this diverse park by some of the West's best nature photographers, plus a short introductory essay.

Eastern Sierra

Twenty Postcards

Photography by Dennis Flaherty

Twenty powerful color images of the remarkable landscape on the steep side of one of the world 's great mountain ranges.

San Francisco Keepsake Wallet

Photography by Robert Holmes
and Joanne Bolton

This little keepsake book has 67 full-color images of the sights visitors want of the City by the Bay: the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, Golden Gate Park, North Beach, Chinatown, Coit Tower, cable cars, crooked Lombard Street, Victorians, Alcatraz and many more. The ten large format postcards repeat the most popular sights.

Oh California!

The Collective Works of Marilyn Buckley Holland

Paintings and text by Marilyn Buckley Hollandoh california by marilyn buckley holland
Introduction by Philo Holland

The artist's self-stated passion was "to capture a little piece of California with every stroke of the brush." This delightful collection of her works shows how marvelously successful she was at achieving that goal.

As a California native and daughter of two pioneer California families, Holland infused her work with a strong understanding of California history and culture. Working in the California Impressionist style, Holland pursued her painting full time after her children were grown.

The Distinctive Qualities Of Redwoods

by Larry Eifert

This informative booklet describes the unique characteristics of coastal redwoods and the ancient forests they inhabit. It explores their history, ecology, longevity, methods of reproduction, and the fascinating species they support: spotted owls, marbled murrelets, and more.

Journey to the Secret Forest

Written and illustrated by Char Bishop

Char Bishop spins her latest enjoyable tale of a family of deer and their trip through an old growth redwood forest. Bishop's books serve as story book, coloring book and true nature tale for young readers.

Barny and Nicole's Whale of an Adventure

A Tail to Color and Learn

Written and illustrated by Char Bishop

This delightful children's story describes two young barnacles who hitch a ride on a gray whale and travel the Pacific Coast between Alaska and Mexico on their whale's migration.

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