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Updates to Hiker's hip pocket Guide to the Mendocino Coast, 4th Edition

  • Page 14, 3rd paragraph, line 4: wheelchair, not handicap. 7th paragraph: YOUR, not YOU
  • Page 32, line 8: 120 feet+/200 feet-
  • Pages 78-83: The northern end of the Old Haul Road was removed in 2014.
  • Page 97: A new trail heads west from the foot of Alder Street, gaining the main trail in just over 1/8 mile at the restroom around 1 1/4 miles from the north parking lot. The new spur provides access to Noyo Headlands Park directly from downtown Fort Bragg west of the post office.
  • Trail #20, page 99: Around Valentine’s Day, most of the north wall of Skip’s Punchbowl collapsed, taking most of the dudleyas with it.The trail just north of the Punchbowl is currently closed to through traffic, but you can get a glimpse by approaching from the north. Use caution!
  • Page 180: There are two public routes to the Big River Laguna from Comptche-Ukiah Road. The book describes the route which starts at MP 6.52 on the road. The other route leaves the road about 6.8 miles out, just past a wide parking area with some large cement blocks and exposed tree roots. Both routes are similar in terms of difficulty, both are unsigned, and both are infrequently maintained. Our advice is that if one is too badly overgrown, try the other.
  • Page 230, paragraph 2, first line: The former Stornetta Ranch was acquired...
  • Page 235, ELEVATION GAIN/LOSS, 3rd line: tion. 110 feet+/110 feet- north of Field Station.