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Bay Area Trail Map: Big Basin and Castle Rock
3rd Edition

Redwood Hikes Press
Bay Area Trail Map: Big Basin and Castle Rock, 3rd Edition | Redwood Hikes Press

Map covers Santa Cruz Mountains from outskirts of Saratoga/Los Gatos to Pacific coast around Pt. Ano Nuevo. Covers all six state parks and many regional parks and open space preserves. The map includes the entire Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail.

All official hiking trails were drawn from GPS data with resolution of about 250 feet.Trail mileages are marked and most streets are labeled. Map shows locations of memorial grove markers, footbridge, viewpoints, and stairs. Unofficial trails and dirt roads as greyed out to distinguish them from official trails. Areas of old-growth redwoods are shaded in dark green, wooded areas in light green, and developed areas in grey. 40 foot contour lines are shown. A UTM grid is provided to help with GPS navigation.

For the 3rd edition, the map has been printed on waterproof plastic for the first time. In addition, the trails were updated with new, more accurate GPS data and the new John Nicholas Trail in Sanborn County Park has been added. Wooded and developed areas have been redrawn at a higher resolution and the hillshade has been re-rendered to give a better impression of the area’s large-scale topography.

2015, full color map on tear-resistant waterproof plastic, scale 1:25,000, 2.5”=1 mile. 26” x 39” unfolded, 4.3” x 9” folded, 40-foot contours. Full color on both sides.Published by Redwood Hikes Press.
ISBN 978-1-934127-28-5

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Bay Area Trail Map: Big Basin and Castle Rock, 3rd Edition | Redwood Hikes Press inside image

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