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Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks
Generals Highway

Redwood Hikes Press
Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks: Generals Highway | Redwood Hikes Press

This topographic trail map covers the most popular day hiking areas of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. It is organized around the Generals Highway, the main connector between the two sister parks. A key feature of the map is that it shows and names all the Sequoia groves of the area, both the popular groves with road and trail access and the remote groves with no trail access. Also shows all campgrounds, both vehicular and walk-in/backcountry. This detailed map was created after many field visits using a GPS unit.

One side of the map shows the southern half of the Generals Highway, including the Lodgepole and Giant Forest area, Alta Peak, and Bearpaw Meadow. Trails include Lakes Trail, Wolverton Trail, Watchtower Trail, Moro Rock Trail, Middle Forks Trail, Marble Falls Trail, Tokopah Falls Trail, Hospital Rock Trail, Muir Grove Trail, Little Baldy Trail, Twin Lakes Trail, High Sierra Trail as far as Hamilton Lakes, Elizabeth Pass Trail to pass, and more. Also includes Crystal Cave, Mount Silliman and numerous peaks, meadows and lakes.

The other side shows the northern half of the Generals Highway including Grant Grove and Redwood Mountain, plus Big Meadows, Sequoia Lake, Whitaker Forest, and parts of Sequoia National Forest and Giant Sequoia National Monument. Trails include Sunset Trail, Big Baldy Trail, Manzanita Trail, Azalea Trail, Park Ridge Trail, Buck Rock Trail and Buck Rock Jeep Trail, Redwood Canyon Trail, Hart Tree Trail, Sugar Bowl Trail, North Boundary Trail, South Boundary Trail and more. Back side also has a map showing the valley floor of Kings Canyon, including Cedar Grove and Road's End. Trails include Lewis Creek Trail, Hotel Creek Trail, Don Cecil Trail, Copper Creek Trail, Zumwalt Meadows Trail, Kanawyer Loop Trail, Bubbs Creek Trail, Sphinx Creek Trail, Paradise Valley Trail, and more.

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