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Southern Sierra Trail Map

Calico Maps
Southern Sierra Trail Map | Calico Maps

Plan your southern Sierra adventures with this attractive, up-to-date map. It covers the Sequoia National Forest, Sequoia National Park, Inyo N.F.,the Kern River, Lake Isabella, and 12 wilderness areas including the Golden Trout Wilderness. It includes trail mileage and elevation for selected points. It combines both shaded relief and topo lines to clearly show topography. It is printed on nearly indestructible material which is both waterproof and tear-resistant.

2020, Scale 1:158,400, 26.75" x 19.5" unfolded, 7" x 3.8" inches folded, waterproof, full color on both sides. Published by Calico Maps
ISBN 978-0-9994830-1-5

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Southern Sierra Trail Map | Calico Maps inside image

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