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Mendocino Coast Recreation Map

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Mendocino Coast Recreation Map | GeoGraphics Maps & Photos

This great new map by longtime Mendo coast resident Rixanne Wehren provides extensive information about the wide range of recreational activities on the Mendocino coast. The eight maps on one sheet of paper include the following:

This great map covers Recreation in the broadest sense, including:

Arts Gyms Photography
ADA facilities Health Food Picnics
Beaches Hiking Restrooms
Bicycling Horseback Riding RV Camping
Birding Kayaking Spas
Boating Canoeing Sports
Bookstores Libraries Surfing
Brewpubs Marine Sanctuaries Swimming
Camping Movies Tennis
Cooking Museums Textiles
Crafts Music Tours
Diving Nurseries Viewpoints
Events Pets Visitor Centers
Fishing Wine Tasting Golf

Also includes an extensive index of recreation sites and trails, plus a list of key phone numbers.

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