The Essential Geography of the United States of America

Imus Geographics

Enjoy a clear view of the USA with this handsome map, perhaps the best and most representative map ever published of our country. This elegant map is available rolled on heavy duty paper, laminated and rolled as well, or as a folded version, cleverly designed so that its atlas-style accordian fold is easy and convenient to browse and easy to refold back into its original compact shape.

Cartographer Dave Imus describes his map:

“With this new map I’ve tried to make America’s geography more understandable and interesting by depicting our country with a unique clarity that lets you simultaneously see everything, from state boundaries and cities to mountain ranges and rivers, thus giving you the opportunity to make the spatial associations necessary for geographic understanding.

By depicting hundreds of iconic American places and landmarks that other maps of this kind overlook: the Statue of Liberty, Navajo Nation, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, The Alamo, and historic Route 66, to name just five. This map allows you to find many personal connections to this endlessly-fascinating place we call home. I hope The Essential Geography of the United States of America will provide you with years of discovery as you use it to “explore” our country from the comfort of your home, office, or classroom.

Spread it out anywhere the light is good, and enjoy a clear view of the USA.”

Dave Imus’ introduction is printed on the map in English, Spanish and French, as are the key, time zones and other key features. The map includes time zones, the high points of all 50 states, the Continental Divide and the Northern Divide, the San Andreas Fault, long distance trails such as the Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, and Appalachian Trail, national parks and monuments, lakes and rivers, major Indian reservations and wilderness areas, mountain ranges, deserts, highways, major universities, ocean features... the list goes on and on! The more you look the more you see!

The map’s back side has indexes for eight subjects: populated places, land and water features, landmarks, Native American reservations, intercontinental airports, universities, State high points, and regions. The index is also available as a free pdf download at the company’s website, for those who have their maps posted on a wall.The back side also has a handy User’s Guide by cartographic editor Peter Eberhardt which has some pointers on different ways to view the map, and points out other features of the map. For example, all roads are in red, water features are in blue, city names are in black, and urban areas are in yellow.

35" x 50" wall map or 35" x 55" unfolded for the folded version, 6.25" x 8.75" folded, full color, scale 1: 9,000,000, 1 inch represents 65 miles. Published by Imus Geographics.
ISBN 978-0-9818551-2-7. Folded Map



Also available:

Imus Essential Geography of USA - paper wall map for $31.95

Poster Paper Wall Map ISBN 978-0-9818551-3-4


Also available:

Imus Essential Geography of USA - laminated wall map for $39.95

Laminated Wall Map ISBN 978-0-9818551-4-1


“The blend of information in [this new] map is thoroughly captivating. Like a beautifully illustrated manuscript, the map engages both sides of the human brain. And it’s large enough to peruse for hours, like the pelagic ocean”
- Barry Lopez, writer

“Dave Imus’ new United States map confirms what I’ve long believed to be true as an author, journalist and lover of topography: the difference between something good and something great is the attention to detail. ‘I have seen Imus at work. He is both scientist and artist, raising the art of the map making to an all-new level.’ ”
- Bob Welch, author and columnist for the Eugene Register-Guard

“...terrific ... filled with all the information you’d expect, and a great deal more you’ll find entertaining and enlightening, but so artfully executed that it looks clear and uncomplicated. Only professional cartographers will appreciate the enormous effort that went into this map; everyone else will like it for its combination of comprehensiveness and apparent simplicity. An elegant map is a difficult task, and a new and notable US map a real trick, but Imus’ Essential Geography manages to achieve both. This one will remain a classic!”
- Stuart Allan, Raven Maps/Benchmark Road and Recreation Atlases

“Imus Captures the geographic essence of the USA.”
- William Sullivan, writer

“Many of us at Here & Now were mesmerized recently when we unraveled a new map of the U.S by Dave Imus. We ogled at the details! Pointed out familiar landmarks. ”
- Here and Now, WBUR Boston (follow link to listen to their radio story)

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USA map from Imus Geographics: Essential Geography of the United Staes of America
USA map from Imus Geographics: Essential Geography of the United Staes of America

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