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State of Oregon Topographic Road Map and Travel Guide, 2nd Edition

Imus Geographics
Oregon Topographic Road Map and Travel Guide from Imus Geographics

If you live in Oregon, love it, or visit it frequently, this essential map to have has gotten even better, both for pre-trip planning and during your travels. Dave Imus has created an entirely new map that is even easier to read, has more features, and has a slightly larger scale.

Front side is a beautiful full-color map of the entire state of Oregon. It shows rivers and lakes, major creeks, the Pacific Crest Trail, roads, wilderness areas, national forests, national parks and monuments, campgrounds, cities, towns, and more, with extensive elevations shown for peaks, passes, major lakes, cities and towns.

The back side features an updated and expanded Oregon Travel Guide by William L. Sullivan, with a concise summary of ten regions, plus 50 color photographs, a mileage table for 31 cities and towns, and an Index of Oregon Places. Also includes indexed lists of Oregon's 48 Wild and Scenic Rivers, 21 Scenic Waterways, and 20 Scenic Byways.

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