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Humboldt Coast Map
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Humboldt Coast Map, Coastal California Series | Bluewater Maps

Humboldt County, sometimes known (along with Del Norte) as the land behind the redwood curtain.  Here you will find California's famed Lost Coast with 25 miles of wilderness beach encompassed by the even larger King Range Wilderness Area, established in 2007, with 42,500 acres of rugged Coast Range, creeks, and part of the vast and undammed Mattole River. You'll also find California's second largest bay, Humboldt Bay, which holds the north coast's largest protected seaport and holds its center of commerce and fishing at Eureka.  Arcata, with its large university population, is considered by many to be the region's cultural center.

The map spans from Patrick's Point State Park and the tiny fishing town of Trinidad in the north  as well as the southern ten miles of Redwood National Park, the crossroads town of Willow Creek and the Klamath Mountains in the northeast to Shelter Cove on its southwestern coast and the interior region that includes Garberville, the famed Avenue of the Giants, immense Humboldt Redwoods State Park and several smaller state parks: Richardson Grove, Grizzly Creek Redwoods and Benbow State Recreation Area, plus the famed Headwaters Forest. The map also covers much of Six Rivers National Forest, part of Trinity National Forest, plus many smaller state and county parks. Humboldt County is a land of temperate rain forests, open prairies and high ridges drained by abundant rivers: the mighty Eel River and its tributary the Van Duzen, the aforementioned Mattole, Trinity River, Mad River, Bear River, Elk River and Little River. If you're familiar with Bob Lorentzen's Hiker's hip pocket Guide to the Humboldt Coast, this gorgeous map covers the southern half of that book plus rugged wilderness to the east and much more.

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