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Del Norte Coast Map
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Del Norte Coast Map, Coastal California Series | Bluewater Maps

The Del Norte Coast, sparsely populated but rich in natural beauty, forests, undammed rivers and creeks, bird and marine life, and recreation opportunities.  This coast is regularly battered by large Pacific storms and an occasional tsunami.  The forest-clad mountains are often shrouded in fog and mist, perfect growing conditions for the mighty redwood forests.  Two large and mostly wild rivers, the Klamath and the Smith, empty into the ocean along this stretch,  hosting sometimes large runs of salmon and steelhead.

This map covers from Brookings, just north of the Oregon border in the north to Patrick's Point in the south (including the northernmost 30 miles of Humboldt County, which has the longest coastline of any of California's fifteen coastal counties) and inland to Orleans and the Siskiyou and Klamath Mountains. Includes almost all of Redwood National Park (southernmost 10 miles are on Humboldt map), all of Jedediah Smith State Park, Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park, Smith River National Recreation Area, Lake Earl State Park and Wildlife Area, and wonderful Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. For those familiar with Bob Lorentzen's Hiker's hip pocket Guide to the Humboldt Coast, this gorgeous map covers the northern half of that book plus rugged wilderness to the east and much more. By the way, it's pronounced Del Nort.

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