Pinnacles National Park Map

Tom Harrison

Detailed topographic map covers the entire National Park, recently upgraded from a National Monument and expanded to 26,600 acres in the Gabilan Mountains east of Soledad and the Salinas Valley. Includes the recently designated Pinnacles Wilderness and the newly designated16,000-acre Hain Wilderness.

Map also shows locations on park climbing areas like The Game Show, Elephant Rock, The Shepherd, Tugboat, Flumes Formation, Crowley Towers, The Citadel, Square Black Rock, Whitetail Rock, Dragonfly, Spike's Peak, Hunky Dory, Egg, Proclamation, Teapot Dome, Jamcrack Rock, Smokestack, Tuff/H&L Dome, Dionysian Towers/The Toes, Sponge, Condor Crags,  North/South Fingers, Lobster Claw, Cemetery Gates, The Hippopotamus, Nebulous Knob, Flat Iron, Nelson's Needle, Snout, Pipsqueak, Ignorable Cliffs, Tourist Trap, The Anvil, Discovery Wall, Tiburcio's X, The Monolith, Upper Crust, The Sisters, Marmot, Yak's Wall, Yaks, Hanging Valley, Gertie's Pinnacle, The Hatchet, The Frog, The Hand, Crud and Mud, Beak Peak, Western Front, Numbskull's Needle, Resurrection Wall, Goat Rock, Pinch or Lynch Wall, Triple Decker, Knuckle Ridge and more.

All of Tom Harrison’s wonderful maps of California hiking and recreation areas are shaded-relief topographic maps on waterproof and tear resistant plastic. GPS compatible with complete UTM grid.

2018, 40 ft. contours, 1 inch=.5 mile, 17" x 26" unfolded, 4.25" x 8.75" folded. Published by Tom Harrison Maps.
ISBN 978-0-877689-99-4.



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