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Take Me to the Tide Pools
An Interactive Guide for Learning about Tide Pool Animals

Text and Photography by David Casterson
Illustrations by Anoosh Moutafian

This book truly appeals to all West Coast tide pool and aquarium visitors. With excellent color photos, space for notes, and b&w photos designed to be colored in, this interactive book makes learning fun.

What Is a Feeling?

Etan Boritzer, Illustrated by Jeff Vernon

Examines how we can understand feelings and where they come from, while at the same time learning the best ways to express our feelings without hurting ourselves and others.

What Is a Friend?

by Etan Boritzer, Illustrated by Jeff Vernon

In this book Etan explores the themes of cooperative, and supportive behavior between individuals, as well as what sometimes goes wrong in our relationships with one another.

A Knife and a Fork and a Bottle and a Cork...
That’s How You Spell New York

Howard Schrager; Illustrated by Sarah Madsen

As a child, the author’s father taught him a couple of 1920s street rhymes based on American geography. Years later, after fifteen years as a Waldorf School teacher, Schrager decided to write a book with a Riddle Rhyme for each of the 50 states.

When You See Flukes

by Katherine Hocker and Cheryl Cook
Illustrations by Katherine Hocker

Vivid illustrations, lively text, hidden picture challenges, and layers of natural history make this a book that parents, teachers and children will enjoy.

The Singer in the Stream

Katherine Hocker & Mary Willson, Illustrations by Katherine Hocker

This handsome picture book, written and illustrated by two dipper researchers, introduces readers to these charming birds and their watery world. Here you will discover what dippers eat and how they get it, where and how they nest, where they go in winter, and much more.

What is a Family?

by Etan Boritzer. Illustrated by Jeff Vernon

Defining the ideal family, and acknowledging the real problems that sometimes occur in families, the book delves into various perspectives on social trends as they are reflected in the home.

What Is Peace?

by Etan Boritzer, Illustrated by Jeff Vernon

This thought-provoking book will help children cultivate the thinking required for peaceful actions.

What Is Right?

by Etan Boritzer, Illustrated by Graham Sale

Helps children develop ethical thinking skills. This interactive title promotes the consideration of decisions and choices in various situations requiring integrity and wholesome social reasoning abilities.

What Is Death?

by Etan Boritzer, Illustrated by Nancy Forrest

This sensitive book introduces children to the various concepts of death, grief and loss. Using a gentle and comforting tone with an honest approach, the book addresses children’s natural curiosity about one of life’s gratest mysteries.

Dragonflies of North America
Coloring & Activity Book

Kathy Biggs, illustrated by Tim Manolis

Color & learn about the gorgeous dragonflies & damselflies of North America. Coloring pages for 37 common species of Dragonflies and Damselflies.

What is True?

Etan Boritzer, Illustrated by Jeff Vernon

Here Etan explores how we can try to discern between facts and appearances in our world. Children are asked to carefully consider their actions and thoughts based on various types of inquiry and evaluation.

and All the Letters A to Z

Howard Schrager; Illustrations by Bruce Bischof

This imaginative approach to the alphabet and formal language learning for primary school and younger age kids encourages learning through the exploration of sound and form.

What Is Money?

by Etan Boritzer, Illustrated by Jennifer West

Examines the history of money, as well as the realistic applications and moral questions associated with its use, helping children to learn about and understand the true value of one of civilization’s most intriguing inventions.

What Is Dreaming?

by Etan Boritzer; Illustrated by Jeff Vernon

This book helps to open discussion on dreams and to unravel some of the subconscious concerns which children confront in their dreams. Boritzer's clear and straightforward explanations, plus the playful and delightful color illustrations make this book helpful and accessible.

A Little Zen for Little Ones

Sanjay Nambiar

A Little Zen for Little Ones puts classic and new Zen stories in an accessible context for today's kids. These revered tales provide a little perspective on what's truly important, on how personal balance and peace can manifest in everyday life.

What Is Funny?

by Etan Boritzer, Illustrated by Jeff Day

Addresses the subject of sensitivity and awareness in children’s humor. Teasing and laughing at others lead to bullying and aggression. The book addresses an important concern in an amusing manner with serious subtext.

What Is Beautiful?

by Etan Boritzer, Illustrated by Nancy Forrest

Encouraging kids to consider what makes a person truly beautiful—qualities such as tolerance, generosity, bravery, and peacefulness—What Is Beautiful? is a useful tool in giving children a sense of identity and worth.

The Balloon Boy of San Francisco

Dorothy Kupcha Leland

Based on a true story and extensive research by the author, this book paints a colorful, evocative and accurate picture of daily life in San Francisco five years after the discovery of gold.

Sallie Fox
The Story of a Pioneer Girl

Dorothy Kupcha Leland, Illustrations by Diane Wilde

In 1858, twelve-year-old Sallie Fox and her family leave Iowa in a wagon train, dreaming of California. This true story offers a child’s-eye view of life on the Santa Fe Trail and Arizona’s Beale Wagon Road.

What Is Love?

by Etan Boritzer, Illustrated by Robbie Marantz

This book is a way for children to discover how we all share many of the same needs and concerns in life, especially the need for love. It communicates a message of multiculturalism and diversity as the means by which goals of understanding and tolerance may be reached.

A sincere yet playful message for appreciating one of life’s tenderest emotions through which children can ponder the total human experience of honest caring and brotherhood.

". . . how people’s need for each other can be met through faith and trust in each other."
~ Redbook

Pillow of Dreams

Peter Jan Honigsberg
Illustrated by Tony Morse

Just looking at Margaret Bunny's magic pillow makes anyone sleepy. And if you put your head on the pillow, fabulous dreams are guaranteed. But when Newberry Mole steals the pillow, his dreams become nightmares.

Armful of Memories

Peter Jan Honigsberg
Illustrated by Tony Morse

Newberry Mole gets rich quick by selling off his grandparents' heirlooms. Overcome by seller's remorse, Newberry tries to find a way to reclaim these family treasures, realizing that what really matters most are the memories that make family life a joy.

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