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Updates to 2nd Ed, Hiker's hip pocket Guide to Humboldt County


#11, P57-60. Coastal Drive now permanently closed to motorized vehicle traffic from the southern junction with Alder Camp Road to .5 mile north of Carruthers Cove Trailhead. Closed portion of road is now the designated route of the California Coastal Trail, open to hikers and cyclists.

[Replace old #12, 15 & 19 with this:] #12, 15 & 19. Butler Creek Camp and Ossagon Creek Camp closed permanently.

#13,P64-65. Ossagon Trail now starts at MP132.74, opposite the Hope Creek Trailhead. Ossagon Trail rerouted for first 3/8 mile, and all recontoured as a single-track trail.

#18, P83. [After Trillium Falls Trail, add:] Also new Berry Glen Trail starts at same parking area, crosses Highway 101 (use caution), then climbs 2.3 miles, mostly through old growth, to Lady Bird Johnson Grove dedication plaque.

#26, P111: FURTHER INFO: Environmental Camps now closed.


Please note the following changes, not reflected in the trail reports, which have occurred since we published the second edition in 1993.

State park fees have increased. Expect to pay more than fees stated in this book.

#3. Trail was rerouted around its 2-mile-point in summer 2004.

#6,P42-43. DeMartin Trail rerouted in 1998. Total distance now one mile longer. Rerouted to east through virgin redwood groves from 1-1/8 miles to near camp.

#6,P43. Water system shut down at camp. Redwood Park hopes to fix eventually.

#7,P44-46. Footsteps Rocks Trail removed due to fault slippage.

#12,15 & 19. Butler Creek Camp moved ½ mile north, now called Ossagon Creek Camp.

#12 - #17. Prairie Creek State Park's phone number is now (707)465-7354. Elk Prairie Parkway renamed N.B. Drury Parkway.

#17, P78-79. James Irvine Trail now starts just west of the Visitor Center, rerouted away from Godwood Creek for its first .6 mile. It crosses Prairie Creek, then passes junctions with Prairie Creek Trail and West Ridge Trail (#15) on the right. Take the third right to follow the Irvine Trail. Miner's Ridge Trail forks left at .6 mile. The Irvine Trail roughly contours northwest to join original trail just beyond where Godwood Creek's headwaters swing northeast.

#17,P79-80. Clintonia Trail rerouted, now leaves Irvine Trail 300 feet east of old junction. Clintonia Trail now ½ mile longer but less steep.

#18,P83. New OTHER SUGGESTION: From parking area just up Davison Road from 101, new Trillium Falls Trail offers 2¼-mile loop through virgin forest, Davison Trail heads north to Elk Prairie.

#23,P97. OTHER SUGGESTION: Rollin' R Ranch no longer offers horse trips.

#26,P111. FURTHER INFO: For Environmental Camps, you must register at Patrick's Point State Park. For info, call (707)677-3570.

#29,30,31,32,33. Trinidad Chamber of Commerce new phone #: (707)677-1610.

#32. P126-127 describe new Indian Beach Trail from Memorial Lighthouse.

#35. Arcata's Redwood Park now has a handicap-accessible trail.

#36. FURTHER INFO: Arcata Marsh Visitor Center: (707)826-2359.

#37,P141. FURTHER INFO: (707)441-4361.

#38. South Jetty Road now open daily sunrise to sunset. Eel River mouth migrated north 1½ miles, now west of McNulty Slough.

#39,P145. Centerville Beach no longer open to motor vehicles.

#40,P150. 1998 winter surf washed away the "immense slide of mucky mud."

#43,44,45,46. FURTHER INFO: (707)946-2263.

#43,P159. Founder's Grove Trail now wheelchair accessible. At M.18.4, Marin Garden Club Grove now a group camp.

#43,P160-161. Gould Grove Trail now wheelchair accessible. Canoe Creek Loop and Children's Forest Loop closed due to major fire damage.

#44,P162-163. Trail rerouted from Grasshopper Ridge, now follows a ridge farther away from Bull Creek, rejoins old trail ¼ mile west of Flatiron Tree, which fell in January 1995. Old bridge destroyed, now a seasonal bridge May to October. From Connick Creek to lower Bull Creek Flats, trail rerouted to hillside.

#45. Johnson Camp Trail lengthened by about 3-3/8 miles, making round trip to Grasshopper Peak via this trail 17¼ miles, now longest route to peak, but much less steep.

#46,P168-169. Baxter Camp Trail rerouted, now 1½ miles. Lower Preacher, South Prairie and Gould roads removed, replaced by new 3½-mile South Prairie Trail from Grieg Rd. to Bull Cr. Rd. Bull Cr. Rd. from Kemp Rd. to Mattole Rd. removed. Look Prairie barn burned in 1996.

#47-#53. Bureau of Land Management new phone numbers: Arcata BLM: (707)825-2300. Ukiah BLM: (707)468-4000. We're excited to note that the King Range now has 42,585 acres of designated Wilderness Area. All backpackers north of Shelter Cove now required to carry a bear canister, available to rent from BLM. Permits now required for overnight trips: self permitting for parties of 10 or less, groups over 10 and groups with pack animals must call for permit. Call new King Range Office for info, group permits or canisters: (707)986-5400.

#47,P176 & #52,P191. New landslide ¼ mile north of Buck Creek is impassable at high tide and possibly at lower tides when large storm waves are present.

#49,50,51. Trails suffered major fire damage in summer 2004. All now reopened with some rerouting. Rattlesnake Ridge Trail (P181) off King Crest Trail also rerouted, with only two creek crossings required to reach Big Flat at the coast.

#52,P190. New trailhead parking lot before end of road has restrooms, water. New wheelchair-accessible platform overlooks beach. BLM banned vehicles on beach.

#53. Starting from Wailaki or Nadelos Campground shortens the trail by 2¼ miles, not 1¼ miles (P192). New Chinquapin Trail branches west off Chemise Mtn. to Whale Gulch Trail south of peak, descending to water source and Nick's Camp, then returning to main trail.

#54, P197-202: The dirt road into the north end of Sinkyone Wilderness State Park is now closed beyond Needle Rock Visitor Center. This adds 2.5 miles in each direction to the New Lost Coast Trail. One way to Usal is now 19.25 miles, 2.5 miles to Bear Harbor, 7 miles to Wheeler, 11 7/8 miles to Little Jackass, 14.25 miles to Anderson Gulch.

P196. Sinkyone's Needle Rock Visitor Center no longer rents sleeping space. You can rent a roof overnight at Barn Camp across road.

#56,P205. Hartsook Inn acquired by Save-the-Redwoods League.