Hiker's hip pocket Guide to Sonoma County


State Park fees have decreased:

Developed (car) campsites: $10-12/night.

Environmental campsites: $10/night.

Day use: $2-3/vehicle.

County Park campsites can now be reserved, call (707)565-2041 (new County Parks number)

Updates by trail (T) & page (P)& paragraph (p)

T1, P21 & T2, P25, FEES: All sites now $16/night.

T2, P24, p4: Sturdy new bridge over side stream.

T6, P36: FURTHER INFO: (707)847-3221.

T8, P44, p1: Trail descends bluff to Stump Beach.

T18,P79: Named Dr. David Joseph Memorial Trail

T22,P95:Improvements to trail in Marine Reserve.

T24, P101, FURTHER INFO: New Regional Parks number is (707)565-2041.

T25, P104, OTHER SUGGESTIONS: Visitor Center hours subject to change. Call 433-9483, press 1.

T27, P111, FEES: All camps now reservable. Car camps now $16/night,backcountry camps $10/night.

T28,P116­118:Restoration work on Pioneer Trail.

T30, P129, T31, P131, T32, P134 & T33, P137: New Regional Parks number is (707)565-2041.

T30, P129,OTHER SUGGESTION: Rodota Trail now 5 miles, with east end at Sebastopol Road.

T34: New Table Rock Trail from east parking lot leads 2-1/8 miles to fantastic volcanic formations, then meets fine new Palisades Trail, which leads 3-7/8 miles to Oat Hill Mine Trail at its summit.

T35: New map available at park. Some rerouting on Ritchey Canyon Trail and Coyote Peak Trail. Unnamed trail now called Vineyard Trail.

P154­166: Many changes at Annadel, part of major restoration. New map available at park, part of which is below. Trails closed permanently: Fritillary, Middle Steve's S, Lake, Basalt, Meadow, east half of Rhyolite. Live Oak Trail, Orchard Trail and Marsh Trail rerouted.

T38,P160-161: With Basalt and Middle Steve's S trails closed, you cannot do described loop. Shorter 3-7/8 mile loop open (Louis Trail renamed Richardson Trail). For longer loop, go right on Canyon Trail to 2-5/8 miles, then left on Marsh Trail to 4-3/4 miles. There you can either go left, returning by South Burma and Richardson trails,a 8-7/8 mi. loop, or continue on Marsh, then go left to return on Quarry Trail, a 7-3/4mi. loop.

T39: Upper Steve's S and Ridge trails reopened summer '01. East half of Rhyolite Trail closed, so 4-5/8 mile loop no longer possible.

T40, P167: New Reg. Parks phone: (707) 565-2041, park now open Fri.-Mon. Park entrance road has been opened 5/8 mile further than described, reaching the original parking lot, so destinations are 5/8 mile closer than described, and round trip hikes are 1-¼ miles shorter.

New trails in McCormick Sanctuary east of Los Alamos Rd. entrance; call (707)544-7284 for info.

T45, P186­192: Preserve now only open for guided hikes led by docents. Call for info.

T47: Now part of Bay Area Ridge Trail.

T47,P202,p1: Fallen Bridge Trail connects with Upper Hospital Orchard Trail, now part of park. You can do loop with Upper Fallen Bridge Trail.

T49, P209: FURTHER INFO: (707)539-8092.

T50: New trailhead is .5 mile east on Highway 37, with new pond along first portion of trail. New phone number (707)562-3000.

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