California Coastal Trail
updates, Spring 2009

Humboldt Sections 13 and 14: [after mention of major fire of October 2003, change text to read:] All trails have been reopened.

Mendocino Section 7, Page 132: Pudding Creek Trestle now completed restored and open to pedestrians and bicyclists.

Mendocino Sections 16 and 17: [Change it to read:] The 1860-acre former Stornetta Ranch that sits astride Point Arena near the lighthouse and the 550-acre former Biaggi property just north are now open to public access, providing 3 miles of new ocean bluff trail access and critical wildlife habitat.

Marin Section 10, Page 228, 3rd paragraph, 3rd sentence: [Change to read:] At 4 7/8 miles . . .

San Francisco Section 1: Trail from Palace of Legion of Honor to Cliff House reworked, restored, much improved.

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