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California Coastal Trail updates through Summer, 2017

Del Norte Section 9: Coastal Drive is now closed from its southern junction with Alder Camp Road to .5 mile north of Carruthers Cove Trailhead. Closed portion of road is now the designated route of the California Coastal Trail, open to hikers and cyclists.

Humboldt Section 1: Ossagon Creek Walk-In Camp in Prairie Creek Redwood State Park is no longer open.

Humboldt Sections 13, 14 and 16: Bear canisters are now required for overnight trips in the King Range/Lost Coast Wilderness.

Humboldt Sections 13 and 14: [after mention of major fire of October 2003, change text to read:] All trails have been reopened.

Mendocino Sections 1 and 2: Briceland Road has been permanently closed just beyond the Needle Rock Visitor Center due to a slip-out not far beyond. This adds 2.5 miles one way (5 miles round trip) to Section 1 and also to Section 2 if you are hiking its entire length from end to end. Add 2.5 miles each way to reach Orchard Creek Camp, Railroad Gulch Camp, and Bear Harbor Camp.

Mendocino Section 7, Page 132 and 133: Pudding Creek Trestle now completed restored and open to pedestrians and bicyclists.

Mendocino Section 8, pages135 and 136: The new Ka Kahleh Trail heads west and south from the end of Elm Street, but it currently ends before one mile. It will eventually be a through trail after toxics in the old millpond are cleaned up. For now, through hikers still need to follow the book's route through Fort Bragg.

South end of the Ka Kahleh Trail can be reached at the west end of Cypress Street. While the trail north still ends at the millpond, the Coastal Trail south has a new paved path from the parking lot at the west end of Cypress Street that winds east and south to the new Noyo Bridge, where a broad sidewalk leads to the south end of the bridge and links with a new stretch of Coastal Trail through Pomo Bluffs Park. Then follow Ocean View Drive south and east to the stoplight on Highway One. Then follow the west side of the highway south across Hare Creek bridge to walk Old Coast Highway to Simpson Lane.

Mendocino Sections 16 and 17: The 1860-acre former Stornetta Ranch that sits astride Point Arena near the lighthouse and the 550-acre former Biaggi property just north are now open to public access, providing 3 miles of new ocean bluff trail access and critical wildlife habitat.

Marin Section 2, page 205, CAUTIONS: Lawson’s Landing no longer shuttles hikers across Tomales Bay.

Marin Section 10, Page 228, 3rd paragraph, 3rd sentence: [Change to read:] At 4 7/8 miles...

San Francisco Section 1: Trail from Palace of Legion of Honor to Cliff House reworked, restored, much improved.