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Errata/updates: Exploring Eastern Sierra Canyons: Bishop to Lone Pine

page 115: The bridge at 1.8 miles is currently washed out, which may require a difficult ford. Don't take chances fording.

On page 182, the following text is missing at the bottom of the page:

[Stay on the choppy track as it takes] you through the arid sagebrush community for about two miles to a small parking area at 6400 feet. Continue for another three-fourths mile if you have a high clearance, four-wheel-drive vehicle to a large turnaround parking area at road’s end, 6900 feet elevation. The trail begins behind a boulder barrier.

Compared to the wonderland of water and lavish, flower-starred scenery found in Bishop Creek drainage, TCC cannot be considered an emerald green oasis. Though never a wide, foam spitting, rip-snortin’ stream, Tuttle Creek is nonetheless a godsend for many desert dwelling fauna and flora. In hot, arid habitats such as this, green is much more than just a color. It represents life itself.

Assuming you leave the car at 6400 feet, the 1.85-mile trek to The Stone House involves an elevation gain of 1600 feet. It may not be a long thigh-burner in rarefied alpine air, but the trail does call for some heavy breathing if you’re out of shape and/or wearing a heavy pack. Occasionally, climbers bound for Lone Pine Peak’s southeast summit use the dead end trail. Beyond the [(page 183) Ashram there is no path, and they must rely on their own skill and judgment to find a route to the 12,994-foot summit.]