Nature Photography books from Companion Press

Beyond the Golden Gate
California’s North Coast

Photography by Larry Ulrich
Essay by Roy Parvin
Preface by Donna Bacon Ulrich

North of the Golden Gate Bridge the legendary coastal route, Highway 1, veers left from suburbia to enter the unique world of California's North Coast. Ulrich's brilliant, evocative photos and Parvin's lively text inspires both visitors and residents.

Walk the Sky
Following the John Muir Trail

Photography by John Dittli, Essays by Mark Schlenz

This gorgeous book is the first color photography book in more than forty years about the renowned John Muir Trail of California's Sierra Nevada. This stunning collection of photographs will inspire all. The essays describe the history of the trail, the surrounding terrain, and more.

A Day in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest

Photographs by Dennis Flaherty, Essays by Mark A. Schlenz

Reflects the inspiring beauty of these trees of light in stunning photographic images that give rare glimpses into the seasons of their lives as they are sculpted by wind, ice, and time.

Wild Birds of California

David Lukas

California is a great place for wild birds and the people who enjoy watching them! Over 600 bird species inhabit, migrate, or visit here. This lavishly photographed volume features usual and unusual birds in their wildland homes throughout California.

Hearst Castle
An Interpretive History of W. R. Hearst's San Simeon Estate

Nancy E. Loe

This definitive book tells the story of Hearst's vision for his coastal California "ranch" and his creative collaboration with architect Julia Morgan to create San Simeon, an intriguing blend of natural beauty, architecture, art, and history.

Wildflowers of the Plateau and Canyon Country
Postcard Book

Photography Larry Ulrich

A companion souvenir to Wildflowers of the Plateau and Canyon Country. Twenty spectacular images from the book, plus a short introductory essay.

Death Valley National Park
A Photographic Journey

Fred and Randi Hirschmann

In this eye-catching book, 106 color photographs celebrate much loved desert scenes as well as newly protected areas in this historic California park, now the largest national park in the United States outside of Alaska.

America's Vanishing Landscapes
The Western States

Photography and text by Wayne Williams
Preface by Andy Lipkis, founder of Tree People

Heroic images in vivid color depict some of the greatest of the West's natural landscapes: mountains, rivers, deserts, forests, lakes and coastlines. Williams has spent the last ten years exploring and shooting wilderness landscapes.

In Denali
A Photographic Essay of Denali National Park & Preserve, Alaska

Text & Photographs by Kim Heacox

Gorgeous book explores the grand landscapes, wildlife, plant life and history of Alaska's vast Denali National Park and Preserve, an area of six million acres.

Wildflowers of the Plateau and Canyon Country

Photography Larry Ulrich
Interpretive text by Susan Lamb

This photographic essay presents Ulrich's stunning color images of wildflowers in the American Southwest, from the depths of the Grand Canyon to the high mesas of western Colorado.

Mono Lake:
Mirror of Imagination

Dennis Flaherty
Introductory Essay by Mark A. Schlenz

This fine photographic essay portrays in colorful grandeur eastern California 's unique inland sea, now protected as a National Scenic Area, and the gorgeous Sierra landscape that overlooks it.

Alaska Light
Ideas and Images from a Northern Land

Essays & Photographs by Kim Heacox

Gorgeous book paints a mosaic of Alaska's diverse landscapes and wildlife, from the Arctic Slope to the Inside Passage, from glaciers and grizzlies to sled dogs and caribou herds.

Wildflowers of California

Photography Larry Ulrich
Interpretive text by Susan Lamb

Ulrich presents a gorgeous array of images, from desert to seashore,interior valley to mountain meadow, showing the delicate beauty of Golden State wildflowers in their myriad forms.

Exploring Mammoth Lakes
Four Seasons of Eastern Sierra Adventure

Mark A. Schlenz, Photography by Dennis Flaherty

Experience the beauty of the Mammoth Lakes region with this colorful and informative new guidebook.

Death Valley—Postcard Book

Fred and Randi Hirschmann

Twenty striking images of this diverse park by some of the West's best nature photographers, plus a short introductory essay.

Eastern Sierra
Twenty Postcards

Dennis Flaherty

Twenty powerful color images of the remarkable landscape on the steep side of one of the world 's great mountain ranges.

Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest
Twenty Postcards

Larry Ulrich

A companion souvenir to the larger book.Twenty stunning images plus a short introductory essay.

Mono Lake:
Postcard Book

Dennis Flaherty

Twenty great images by Dennis Flaherty of this mysterious inland sea, plus a short introductory essay.

Wildflowers of California Postcard Book

Larry Ulrich

Twenty gorgeous images from the award-winning book on ready-to-send postcards, plus a short introductory essay.

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