What Is Peace?

by Etan Boritzer, Illustrated by Jeff Vernon
What Is Peace? allows young readers to take a thoughtful and positive journey through the complex issues connected with Peace by developing awareness of our internal conflicts and presenting skills to navigate through our sometimes hostile environment. This thought-provoking book will help children cultivate the thinking required for peaceful actions.

"[G]ently teaches the true essence and workings of peace, ...helps children to know that peace begins within ourselves ... that peace, and the happiness it gives, does not depend on having ‘things.’ I loved it. A wonderful reading experience for children."
& Judith L. Hand, author of Women, Power, and the Biology of Peace, Founder www.afuturewithoutwar.org

"[A] truly wonderful look into understanding what peace can be on an individual basis and sharing that peace with everyone you know and meet. This book gives you ways to really grasp the values that are essential to knowing peace from the inside out."
& Michele Little, Founder, www.uniteinpeace.org

40 pages, 8" x 10", full-color cover and insides, November 2006. Published by Veronica Lane Books.
ISBN 978-097-62743-5-3âÄ  trade paper



Also available:

for $15.95

ISBN 978-097-62743-4-6†hardcover


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