Wine Trails of Washington, 2nd Edition
A Guide for Uncorking your Memorable Wine Tour

Steve Roberts

Author Steve Roberts points out that this second edition is more than an update, it's a complete overhaul. Indeed, the number of wineries covered in detail has nearly doubled from those in the first edition, and many other wineries covered in the first edition have closed or changed drastically. Plus, he has expanded the book to include other wineries to visit in each area: wineries just starting out or with irregular hours. Roberts points out that much has changed in the Washington wine world in the six years since the first edition, with a considerable increase in the quality of the wines produced.

This handy guide makes it both easy and fun to experience the many tasting rooms throughout Washington state, the second largest wine producer in the U.S. Local author Roberts guides readers through 32 memorable wine tours in every wine region of the state. Profiles of each winery include description of the winery, winemaker’s philosophy, winery hours, photos, and contact information.

2013, 656 pages, 6" x 9", full-color cover and insides, hundreds of color photographs including many full-page, 33 maps, other illustrations,appendix (called Practical Stuff) includes Art of Wine Tasting, Tasting Room Etiquette, Resources for Washington Wine Touring, Wheelchair Access, Wine Touring with Pets, Wine Touring with Kids, Bicycling in Wine Country, Getting Married in Wine Country, Washington Viticultural Areas, Decoding a Washington Wine Label, Common Washington Grape Varieties, Chart of Wines by Winery, index. Published by South Slope Productions.
ISBN 978-0-9792698-5-1. Trade paper



Wine Trails of Washington, 2nd Edition Steve Roberts inside image Wine Trails of Washington, 2nd Edition Steve Roberts inside image

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