The Getaway Guide to California

Roger Rapaport

This up-to-date guide features the best itineraries for coast, mountains, Wine Country, Mendocino, redwoods, San Francisco, Monterey, Yosemite, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

All the secrets travel writers reserve for their friends are revealed in this meticulously researched book. Delightful reading and even more fun to follow for a day, a week or much more.

252 pages, 5" x 8", full-color cover, 22 maps, index, 2000. Published by RDR Books.
ISBN 1-57143-068-7 trade paper



The Perfect Traveling Companion

Ideal for a weekend jaunt or a three-week grand tour of the Golden State, Roger Rapoport's Getaway Guide to California is like having a professional tour guide in your pocket or glove box. This unique book charts the ideal route, mile by mile and day by day, showing you the sights that aren't in other guidebooks and telling you the kind of inside facts that chambers of commerce don't.

With insight, humor, and up-to-the-minute coverage, the Getaway Guide introduces you to the best that California has to offer:

  • Undiscovered wineries and exceptional restaurants
  • Historic hotels and the best public campgrounds
  • Hidden hiking trails, idyllic waterfalls, and secret beaches
  • Homes of authors such as Jack London and John Steinbeck
  • Secrets for enjoying the great theme parks and studio tours

From the very best of San Francisco and Los Angeles to such off-the-beaten-track towns as Ojai, Ferndale, Scotia, and Murphys, newcomers and lifelong residents will rejoice in the many exciting discoveries that await in the pages of The Getaway Guide to California.

Roger Rapoport has explored the undiscovered parts of California for years as travel writer for the Oakland Tribune and as author and editor of six travel guidebooks. He lives in Berkeley.

Portions of this book are adapted from material that previously appeared in 2 to 22 Days in California, © Roger Rapoport.


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