Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards

Created by Jan Padover & Rick Ellis
with the original John Tenniel illustrations

Follow Alice down the rabbit hole into the classic fantasy realm of talking playing cards and memorable and beloved, colorful characters. Every card features a quote from Lewis Carroll's (1832-1898) original Alice in Wonderland tale or his companion book, Through the Looking-Glass, with the  original full-color artwork of famous English illustrator Sir John Tenniel (1820-1914)  as featured in the classic original edition.

All the beloved and curious characters are here: the tardy White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, the elusive Cheshire Cat, the King and Queen of Hearts, the Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar, the Dodo Bird,Humpty Dumpty, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, the Jabberwock, and of course Alice herself in various sizes, and more.

Available in both red and blue backs. If you order two of the Alice decks, we will send you one deck of each back. Please specify if you want something different.

Standard 2-1/4" x 3-7/16" plasticized playing cards, 56 cards per box (4 suits of 13 each, 2 jokers plus 2 "dummy" jokers. Published 2007 by Prospero Art.
ISBN 978-0-9798182-2-6. 



Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards
Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards

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