Alaska Topographic Travel and Reference Map

Imus Geographics

If you love Alaska, you’ll want to own this map. This beautiful and detailed, full-color map entirely depicts the vast state of Alaska, showing national parks and monuments, national and state wildlife refuges, glaciers, roads, cities, towns and villages, islands, airports, rivers and lakes, the Iditarod Trail, and more.

Features include Alaska Range, Brooks Range and other major ranges, Yukon River, Kenai Peninsula, Seward Peninsula, Kodiak Island, Aleutian Islands, state parks, visitor centers, ski areas, lighthouses, ferry routes, railroads and pipelines. Also includes adjacent areas of Canada and Russia. No other map of Alaska combines the illustrative qualities of detailed terrain shading with abundant information on the same sheet. Approximately 3500 features are identified on this gorgeous map.

Awarded "Best Reference Map" in the annual map design competition, American Congress on Surveying and Mapping.

2004, scale: 1:3,000,000, 1 inch represents about 48 miles, 56.25" x 28.5" unfolded, 6.25" x 9.5" folded, printed on one side, index of places names. Published by Imus Geographics. ISBN 978-0-9818551-5-8



Also available:

Alaska Map in standard rolled format

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Also available:

Alaska Map in laminated rolled format

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Alaska Topographic Travel and Reference Map from Imus Geographics
Alaska Topographic Travel and Reference Map from Imus Geographics

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