Chugach State Park/Chugach Mountains, Alaska Topographic Recreation Map

Imus Geographics

Alaska’s Chugach State Park starts just beyond suburban Anchorage, but the vast park is an entirely wild place. The park encompasses nearly 500,000 acres, sprawling north to the KnikRiver near Palmer, south to Turnagain Arm, and east for up to 30 miles, where it ajoins Chugach Natioanl Forest.

The state park, created in 1970, today features 19 developed trailheads, hundreds of miles of trails, and three campgrounds. It receives about one million visitors a year. With deep valleys, countless challenging peaks—several over 7000 feet—and more than 50 glaciers, the park offers a smorgasboard of recreational opportunities, with great options for fishing, camping and picknicking, hikes from easy to expert, mountain biking, horseback riding, boating and kayaking, wind-surfing and, in some areas, snowmobiling and ATV riding. This map is the key to it all.

The beautiful full-color map is suitable for framing, but even more useful for anyone who plans a visit. Trails shown are delineated as either a paved trail, established trail, backcountry route or mountaineering route. The map’s back side has detailed park information on winter and summer recreation, safety, ethics and rules, and other sources of information, including guidebooks. Nearly half the text is dedicated to a summary of Chugach State Park’s trails, including descriptions of 26 main trails.

Awarded "Best of Show" in the annual map design competition, American Congress on Surveying and Mapping

3rd printing, rev. 2006, scale: 1:100,000, 1 inch = about 1.6 miles, 200 ft. contours, 26.5" x 34.5" unfolded, 6.75" x 8.75" folded, 3 color photos, index of USGS maps covered. Published by Imus Geographics. ISBN 0-9665345-7-3



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